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Beauty is attractive

Xiao Yingying is a smart person, how do not understand these twists and turns. As a matter of fact, when Yeluye mentioned the four words of “ungrateful request”, she was vaguely aware that something was wrong. Unfortunately, she did not understand what was wrong at that time, nor did she connect with her own daughter. It was not until Yeluye passed by with a smile on her face that she was about to succeed that she suddenly understood, but it was too late. Not long after the princess left, Yelv Ye lifted the hem of his robe and tied it into his waistband. With a big sword, he defeated three generals of the Central Plains in succession. Yelv Ye waited for the fourth opponent to come, and once again looked at Fu Baozheng in the stands with a smile. Fu Baozheng couldn’t wait for his fourth cousin, so he was in a panic. Yeluye won another game. Fu Baozheng’s face turned white. Xiao Yingying lips are also some white, she can not sit still, get up to find her husband Fu yuanshan, whispered his guess to the man. When Fu yuanshan heard this, he didn’t believe it at first, but then he thought, “Oh, that man Yelv Ye is very cunning. He is likely to get a powerful wife clan first, and then unite with his wife clan to recapture the” Great Sweat Knife “.”. The sweat on Fu yuanshan’s forehead came down: “No, Yelv Ye is a martial arts prodigy. It’s hard to meet an opponent. The general we elected..” Including Fu yuanshan himself, can’t beat Yelv Ye. Knowing that he was defeated, Emperor Qingjia answered the challenge. On the one hand, he watched the excitement,portable gold wash plant, and on the other hand, he sold a face to the north country. The two countries just made friends. After the words did not say, Xiao Yingying is to understand, the whole person is not good, trembling way: “Then what about our kite?” Fu yuanshan could not give a solution. Xiao Yingying was so anxious that her heart was confused. While the couple were talking, Yeluye won two more games, six in a row, and four more, and everything was a foregone conclusion. Xiao Yingying suddenly bit her lip and said,sodium cyanide price, “I really can’t. I..” I put my face on the line and became a shrew. If Yelv Ye dared to ask for marriage in public, she would openly disobey the order and be punished by the emperor’s brother. Fu yuanshan shook his head slightly: “Yingying, it’s not that simple when it comes to friendship between the two countries.”. If you really put your face on the line, you can turn down the marriage, and your little aunt would not have married in those days. Xiao Yingying’s face was completely stiff. The little aunt who had mentioned marriage to her daughter before was all cheating her daughter. In fact, the prince of Beili in those years was also cheating like today, forcing the emperor to marry his favorite princess. Remembering the past, Xiao Yingying suddenly complained about the emperor’s brother, saying that history is a mirror, how can the tragedy of decades ago not make Emperor Qingjia grow a mind? Repeat the mistakes of the late emperor again? After Xiao Yingying complained about Emperor Qingjia, her eyes swept to Zheng’er, only to see her daughter sitting there stiffly, her little face pale, and her shellfish teeth biting her lips uneasily. Xiao Yingying became more and more flustered. Zheng, what should I do with my Zheng? In a panic, Xiao Yingying decided to go to the emperor’s brother and say privately that there was always a way to change the outcome before the marriage came. But never thought, magnetic separator machine ,tin beneficiation plant, only halfway, the dragon seat is not close, was stopped by the emperor’s big eunuch: “Princess Jou-chia, the emperor was just praising her to the slave. The princess is the most sensible.” When Xiao Yingying heard this, she was shocked and out of her mind. At this moment, she finally figured out one thing. Emperor Qingjia was not a fatuous monarch. On the contrary, his mind was very sensitive. But in the face of the verbal trap set by Yelv Ye, he was completely unaware of it. It turned out that Emperor Qingjia had decided to sell her kite in order to win over the increasingly powerful North? Do you want Zheng to get married? Yes, in full view of the public, Yelv Ye was eyeing Zheng covetously without any restraint, but he got the acquiescence of Emperor Qingjia in private. Xiao Yingying’s legs were weak, her eyes were black, her body was shaking, and she almost fainted. Thanks to Fu yuanshan, he quickly hugged her, otherwise he would have fallen and hurt her. Fu yuanshan looked at his wife with a sad face and felt guilty. ~ At this time, Yelv Ye has won eight games in a row, and if he wins two more games, everything will be a foregone conclusion. Fu yuanshan tried to comfort him and said, “Don’t worry. There is little support for those who have lost their way. Maybe God can’t see past Yelv Ye’s calculation of our Zheng. Suddenly, he felt ill. It’s unknown if he lost the next two games.”.
” Such a weak comfort, Xiao Yingying listened, but suddenly restored a trace of spirit, eyes bright. Because, before she quietly ordered the big servant girl to try to put croton in Yeluye’s tea, which is a kind of laxative that makes people diarrhea weak. And before the game, Yelv Ye drank most of it. It’s about time, isn’t it? But when Xiao Yingying sat back in her seat and looked forward to it, Yelv Ye’s body was not unusual at all, still as strong as a tiger, and once again defeated her opponent. By this time, Yelv Ye had won nine games in a row, and if he won one more game, Zheng Er would have to marry. Xiao Yingying is going crazy, and her nails are pinched into the flesh. Fu Baozheng wants to cry very much. Yelv Ye on the stage, however, was full of spring breeze. He lifted the golden rhubarb knife weighing forty catties, as easily as a wooden sword. He put the broadsword across his mouth like a flute, and once again winked at Fu Baozheng on the seat. At this moment, most of the women in the stands saw that Yelv Ye was interested in Fu Baozheng. Some felt sorry for Fu Baozheng, and some gloated. Empress Su regretted that her prince could not marry Fu Baozheng, but it was only a pity that she did not intend to do anything for Fu Baozheng, or even to plead for mercy in front of Emperor Qingjia. Come on, the last general! Yelv Ye received a callback. The sight of the play Facing the entrance, he urged the last general of the Dawu Kingdom to be heroic. They noticed that the last general on the stage was none other than Fu Baozheng’s father, Fu yuanshan. Fu yuanshan took one look at his wife and daughter and calmly walked to the competition platform, but as soon as he stepped on the first floor of the wooden steps, his face suddenly ached, his big hand held his waist, and his body bowed down in great pain. General Fu, what’s the matter with you? When the audience was stunned,Carbon in Pulp, a eunuch standing around the competition platform hurriedly ran over to hold Fu yuanshan and asked with concern. Then he said to Yelv Ye with shame on his face, “Prince Yelv, General Fu is suddenly ill. I’m afraid I can’t compete with you.” This is Fu yuanshan to abandon the game.

Recommend [Shuang Wen] Tyrant dreams of me every night

She is now the maid who takes care of Chen Liangfei. She has the final say on whether to take the job or not. Even if she doesn’t take Liang Shufei, she can’t do anything about it. So I’m going back to Liang Shufei? Yun Lan began to be afraid again, and when she thought that Liang Shufei would blame herself for her incompetence, her legs were so weak that she seemed to have no strength. Go back to her. I really don’t know how to make it. If you want to buy Dimfragrance Floating and Jade Orchid Heart, you only need one hundred and fifty taels of silver. You don’t accept silver tickets. Su Wan left a little leeway for herself and Liang Shufei and did not say anything to death. If you want to earn money, you must save your life. Chen Liangfei is not a good boss, Liang Shufei is also not good. The haze on Yun Lan’s face dispersed a little, and he stood up and collected the silver ticket and picked up the spices and was about to go out when the door of the Hall of Respect for Dharma seemed to have been knocked open by someone, making a huge noise. Both of them were stunned. Su Wan took the lead in reacting and opened the door to go out. The palace guards in armor had rushed into the courtyard, and the leading man ordered in a deep voice, “Search me!” Su Wan stretched out her hand to help Yun Lan, and did not ask or say anything. Imperial palace guards Xu Guifei can not move, so big, should be the prince or the old emperor was assassinated. Later, Chen Liangfei ran like a madman from the Buddha Hall, pretending to hide nervously behind Su Wan, and asked in a low voice, “What happened?” "I don’t know,chrome washing machine, they didn’t say." Su Wan replied and lowered her head again. Chen Liangfei glanced at Yunlan beside her, her eyes flashed, and she was silent. Liang Shufei for the sake of the child, after all still can not help the hand, I do not know how to choose Su Wan. A dozen or so bodyguards turned over the Dharma Hall and returned to the gate of the small courtyard to reply respectfully. “Nothing has been found.” “Keep looking.” With a shout of anger, the leading man raised his feet and walked toward Su Wan and several of them. “Are they all on duty in the Hall of Respect for Dharma?” “The maidservant is not. The maidservant is a servant in Yongning Palace. Her name is Yunlan.” Yun Lan’s legs were so weak that she almost collapsed on the ground like mud. The man stared at her for a moment, then walked past them and into the west wing where Su Wan lived. Seeing all kinds of spices on the table,Portable gold trommel, he reached for some and put them in his nose to sniff and put them back. He turned around and went out of the wing without an explanation. Out of the Jingfa Hall, the man went to the prince’s secret guard standing in the dark and whispered back, “No assassin has been found, but the maid of Yongning Palace brought a lot of spices, and the smell in the room is similar to that of the sachet on the prince’s body.” “Go and find it. I’ll go in and have a look.” The dark guard went out from the shadow and lightly jumped up to the top of the wall of the Dharma Hall. In the moonlight, there were three women standing in the courtyard. One of them was Chen Liangfei, whom he had seen. The other was the maid beside Liang Shufei, whom he had also seen. The one who lowered his head could not see clearly should be the maid who took care of Chen Liangfei. The dark guard looked at it for a while, then silently jumped down from the fence and disappeared into the night. This palace has gone to worship the Buddha, and it is not good for the Buddha to know that this palace is absent-minded. Chen Liangfei did not ask why Yunlan came, and then left. Yun Lan was so frightened that she went back to the house and picked up the spices slowly. The whole person was still shaking uncontrollably. It’s all right. I’ll walk you out. Su Wan reached out to help her again, feeling faintly in her heart that the prince had been assassinated. In the last dream, gold cil machine ,tin beneficiation plant, she almost died under the sword of Yu Gongzi. Thank you. Yun Lan was so flustered that she didn’t notice that Su Wan was particularly calm from beginning to end. Su Wan pursed her lips and patted her back soothingly. Sending Yunlan out of the Dharma Hall, she picked up the bolt that had fallen to the ground, closed the door and went to the Buddha Hall to lean against the door and look at Chen Liangfei. “Who do you think the assassin is going to kill?” “Prince.” Chen Liangfei did not look back, nor did she intend to talk more. Go back to sleep. No one will come again tonight. Su Wan also felt that the prince had been assassinated, shrugged his shoulders, and turned back to the courtyard. In the original novel, although the prince is the crown prince, his life is not much easier than his own. There are not many things happening in the palace in the original, but the prince will certainly not let himself have something to do, with his calm and decisive temperament, tonight’s assassination may be the result of intentional indulgence. Do not want to, can affect their own only the old emperor ascended the throne of the prince, other things do not need to care about. Su Wan went back to her room to take a sip of tea and turned off the lights to sleep. The moonlight was like water, and people were standing outside the Changxin Palace, which was shrouded in the moonlight.
Inside the Taichu Hall, Zhao Heng stood on the left side of the dragon bed, looking sullenly at the imperial doctors queuing up to feel his father’s pulse. The last doctor stepped down and hesitated to speak. Zhao Heng raised his eyelids and looked indifferently at the six imperial doctors in front of him. His thin lips opened lightly. “How’s it going?” The assassination, he deliberately did not expose Xu Taishi and Han prime minister’s plot, is to let them mistakenly think that the father will always lie in bed. He is now fledgling, and it is not yet time for his father to be really unconscious. But the father didn’t want to see any outsiders again, not even Liang Shufei. Before the palace banquet, he asked his father to take the pills given by the miraculous doctor. Two quarters of an hour after taking the pills, he would fall into a coma, which happened to be the time when the dancer performed the sword dance. After sleeping, the symptoms were like coma, and these imperial doctors should not have been diagnosed. Your Majesty’s old illness has broken out, and I’m afraid it’s hard to wake up again. The old doctor trembled and knelt down. “Your Highness, the prince, forgive me.” Zhao Heng looked down at them, his face was full of Xiao Sha, “say it again.” The old doctor, kneeling on the ground, trembled even more, and no one dared to speak. “Drive them all out of the hospital and find some doctors with good medical skills.” Zhao Heng pinched the middle finger of his left hand, and his handsome face was covered with frost. “From today on, no one is allowed to step into Changxin Palace without a token.” Dare to help prime minister Han to play tricks, what’s the use of keeping. The old slave will arrange it. Sun Laifu glanced at the imperial doctors and stood aside with the whisk in his arms. Several old imperial doctors hung their heads, wiped their sweat, got up from the ground, took back their medicine boxes, and fled out. Go out with Sun Laifu. The bedroom quieted down,manganese beneficiation plant, and soon the dark guard jumped down from the roof and saluted respectfully, “Your Highness.” “Mmm.” Zhao Heng pinched the sachet, and the frost on his face dispersed. “Did you catch the assassin who escaped?” 。

Sick pet addiction

Later, Jiangxi learned that the little fox spirit born by the big fox spirit was called Yixuan, Su Yixuan. Her father changed her surname to Ye on the fifth day when she lived in Ruan’s house. In Grandpa’s words, it was on the genealogy of the Ye family. Jiangxi sniffed, and whenever she saw the mother and daughter in Ruan’s residence, she would forget what the etiquette teacher had said about their upbringing, and cynicism was common. Elder sister A timid voice, wearing a beautiful princess skirt, which was a gift from her father to Ye Yixuan yesterday. Jiangxi can’t remember the last time Ye Zongxin gave her a gift. My mother gave birth to me, even if the Ruan family is big, not all cats and dogs can climb up. At that time, Jiangxi was still surnamed Ye, and it was the first time that he said such harsh words. Ye Yixuan’s eyes turned red. “I’m sorry, sister. It’s all my fault.” She stepped forward timidly and pulled Jiangxi’s sleeve. Nine-year-old Ye Yixuan is already very beautiful, and the appearance of the pear flower with rain is very much like her mother who can act, which is really lovely. Oh, her surname is Ye, hum, a pair of fox spirits! Jiangxi shook off Ye Yixuan’s hand, brushed her sleeve viciously, and frowned in disgust: “You have dirtied my skirt.” Ye Yixuan lowered her head with injury and was very aggrieved. Then, Jiangxi raised his chin, raised his eyes, and turned around proudly like a peacock, baring his teeth and claws like a wild cat. Just, turn around, eyes into a pair of beautiful eyes. Song Ci, Song Ci, this is as beautiful as a teenager coming out of a window. But why did she always meet him when she was most embarrassed and unbearable. Just stunned for a few seconds, Jiangxi looked up, looked at Song Ci squarely, then adjusted her skirt, and the lady gracefully brushed past him. Mother said, no matter when and where, don’t lose your identity and upbringing. With folded hands and steady steps,gold CIP machine, Jiangxi thought that even the strictest etiquette teacher should not be able to pick out mistakes. Brother Song Ci. Jiangxi footsteps suddenly a meal. Shameless little fox spirit, who is her brother, Song Ci? Jiangxi scolded her with the most vicious words in her heart, completely forgetting that she was still a little lady. When she was angry, she heard Song Ci say: “Even if the Song family has a great cause, not all cats and dogs can climb up.” Cold tone, like a little adult, delicate little face is very beautiful. Jiangxi is stupefied, staring at Song Ci foolishly, forget oneself, she suddenly thought of grandfather’s words: “Get this jade, must treasure it, hide it.”. Get this person, must treasure it, hide it. Grandpa loves jade. What about her? She thought that it was human nature to love the beauty of Song Ci, and her mother often said that everyone had the heart of beauty, and that a lady also needed a pair of appreciative eyes. Then Kiangsi stepped forward grandly and shouted in the sweetest voice, small gold wash plant ,gold heap leaching, “Brother Song Ci.” It was the first time that Jiangxi had called Song Ci by his name, as if they had known each other for a long time. At that time, she was nine years old, ten years younger than Song Ci. After three months, she finally had a clear name to call him Song Ci’s brother. - - - - Digression - - The truth that human life is at stake, give the owner of the pond three days to be quiet, rest assured, the driver is a dog food specialist. Diamond ranking, see the reply of the top comment for the top ten awards, and the current tenth is 30. Today’s building snatching activity, Yiyi first floor, award a customized bookmark. Chapter 39: Young at that time. She finally had a solid name to call him brother Song Ci. Probably devilishly, Jiangxi followed Song Ci out of the hall and walked all the way to the back garden of Ruan’s house. At that time, the ivy was growing at its peak, and the green vines covered the whole courtyard. She followed the footsteps of Song Ci, separated by a distance of one meter, stepped on his shadow behind him, entangled for a while, and then said: “Was I very unreasonable just now?” Song Ci was silent. Jiangxi heard his mother say that when Song Ci was four years old, he lived abroad alone, probably because he was used to being alone, and he did not like to talk. “I’m not usually like this,” she continued. Seemed to be afraid of Song Ci do not believe, and specifically stressed, “yesterday the etiquette teacher also praised me as a little lady.”.
” I don’t know why it’s so hard to clarify. Anyway, Jiangxi doesn’t want Song Ci to think she’s a vexatious and unreasonable girl. Not only the etiquette teacher, but also the oil painting teacher praised me. Really, she was not showing off, but Song Ci did not speak, did not say a word, went straight ahead, passed by a rattan man. Embarrassed, Jiangxi lowered his head, grabbed his skirt with his fingers, and muttered in a low voice, “It’s true.” He didn’t speak, and Jiangxi was a little disappointed. You don’t believe me? Song Ci still ignored her. She carried her skirt and trotted to Song Ci’s side. She looked up at Song Ci’s beautiful side face and shouted, “Song Ci.” Song Ci’s footsteps stopped. “Just now,” he turned his head and looked at Jiangxi, “you didn’t shout like that.” Song Ci’s eyes, very black, like the black jade that Grandpa had treasured, were so beautiful that people could not move their eyes. Gloom swept between the eyebrows, Jiangxi smiled, revealing two deep small pear vortex, softly shouted: “Song Ci brother.” Mother grew up in a small town in the south of the Yangtze River when she was young. Her tone always had the softness of a southern woman. Jiangxi was very much like her mother, especially the tone of her voice. Brother Song Ci. She called out again. Uh He answered lightly and walked on. Jiangxi looked at him sideways and saw the corners of his mouth raised. Later, Jiangxi would always call him by his first name, Song Ci, and she liked his name, which was simple and delicate. It was a month later that I saw Song Ci again, and the ivy on the roof climbed a little higher. She specially put on a beautiful little skirt, very excited, forgot the etiquette teacher said that the little lady can not run in a skirt, she ran to the front of Song Ci: “Do you come to me?” “No.” After a pause, Song Ci explained,gold shaking table, “Passing by.” Maybe he is not good at lying, and his tone is very stiff. Jiangxi smiled and did not expose him: “Where are you going?”? This is the northernmost part of the city. Song Ci turned to look at her and solemnly said, “I’m going the wrong way.” 。

The world of online games

Quietly swim to the multi-legged water demon side, this time has been completely attracted by those female players, did not notice its side, more than we this dangerous person. From the bottom of the water, this guy looks like an activated mutant anemone, with soft feet growing out of the muddy and bloody bottom and climbing to the surface of the water. Time and tide wait for no man. I immediately summoned Xiao Jiu, Xiao Ying, as well as Ya Ya and Xiao Zi. Each of them saw a soft foot and rushed up. The dagger was easily “inserted” into the soft feet of B, and the dark green “liquid” body immediately gushed out, mixed with blood, and dyed my whole body green. Looking at the declining blood volume, I suddenly understood that these “liquid” bodies were highly poisonous, and even swallowed a few antidotes. I asked Violet to take charge of collective detoxification. As for Xiao Jiu, he is an old hand at using poison, and this poison is almost like a tonic for him, while Xiao Ying doesn’t have to worry about it. Poison is ineffective for the undead. I don’t know what’s going on with the ponytails, but I just frantically brandished my double blades and cut off the soft feet around me one by one. Well, apart from the poisonous “sex” attack, these soft feet don’t necessarily have much power, but there are too many of them, and I’m a little too busy. Cut off a few, and a few brush out,coltan ore processing, imperceptibly, my front and back are surrounded by soft feet with poisonous thorns. Had it not been for the fact that my equipment itself had an additional anti-poison attribute, and that it could continue to rely on attacks to return blood viciousness, these successive poisonings would have been enough to kill me. The female players in the cage did not notice that the soft feet around them had not increased as fast as before, but one after another people fell into the water because of violent shaking. The problem of being swallowed by the multi-legged water demon and turned into white light really gave them a headache. The soft feet in front of me kept shaking, and I suddenly saw the green “color” of the multi-legged water demon from a gap. It turned out that while I was slashing the soft feet, I was slowly pushing forward. At this time, I had reached the bottom of the cage. Six willow-shaped knives came out of the red dagger,mineral flotation, penetrated the layers of meat nets woven by the soft feet, and directly cut the neck of the multi-legged water demon. Perhaps it was not a neck at all, but only a soft meat connected to its head, because all the soft feet spread out from around it. The power of the split shadow ghost chop broke out completely in its body, looking at the tentacles that were constantly changing and protruding, the multi-legged water demon sobbed and screamed, giving up the beauty in the cage and turning his head. It aimed its big mouth at me in the water and roared. “Milk” “Milk”, so many girls with fine skin and tender flesh don’t eat it. If you want to eat me, it’s not a joke to attack me head-on with many water demons. I wipe my black dragon blood. Throw your hands at its eyes is a hell of dragon waves hit the past, circling away the blood of the fire tornado, burning the tentacles is sizzling, also did not see how the effect of the attack. I followed directly to open the escape, dragging a family away from the battlefield, do not go, they will be seen through by the ponytail. Okay, coltan ore processing ,Portable gold trommel, we have the cloak of the shadow of the night to protect us, and the escape did not fail, so I did not leave a tail. This little “insert” gave the ponytails valuable time to adjust, and the team immediately rushed out and scattered in the bridge locks and other cages. The colorful magic aura and the sharp arrows and branches are densely smashed into the head of the multi-legged water demon, and the panic counterattack from the beginning has turned into a hierarchical positional battle. “B is going to die, sisters, come on!” With the passage of time, relying on a large number of people, they have an absolute advantage in ponytails. Squatting on the stone wall, I looked back a few times. The blood volume of the multi-foot water demon was indeed not much, and the number of them in the ponytail was reduced by more than half, but they did not lose their companions and grief. On the contrary, it inspires their high morale. Completely regardless of their own safety, frantically attack. I just want to end this battle quickly. The ponytail was covered with the poisonous “liquid” sprayed from the multi-foot water demon, and the amount of blood had never been full, but she stubbornly refused to throw a light of recovery on her head, but kept throwing the magic of recovery to the front of the fierce battle, while she was forced to support herself by taking “medicine”.
See the gang leader is like this, blood “color” girls have nothing to say, all the sacrifices are followed by ponytails, to struggle for a line of battle, the mage and archers add blood, with the support of these absolute support groups, responsible for the attack behind the girls as if to erect a strong backing, and desperate to fight, cut off the soft feet on the railings one by one. Many a little makes a mickle in the water demon’s blood volume. Finally, a mass of dark blood gushed out from the bottom of the pool like oil, and the multi-legged water demon, which was enough to make these female heroes have nightmares, finally collapsed to the surface of the water like a withered flower, and its moss-green skin turned into a grey-brown color, and its broken soft feet floated all over the pool, like a pot of rotten noodles that had changed its quality, which made people feel evil. But in a twinkling of an eye, it was diluted by the joy of victory. Ah, we won, we won at last! “Yay!”! It’s true that we killed this ugly monster! “We are so awesome that we killed the guardian B here.” Waves of voices, one after another, kept spreading in this group of women’s troops. Every tired face showed a smile. Even I, who was squatting aside to rest, was infected by this happy atmosphere and could not help showing a few relieved smiles. The ponytail, on the other hand, raised his eyebrows and looked ahead, as if recalling something, and his lips broke gently, revealing a mysterious smile. The Bloody Alliance has won an unexpected victory today, but they have lost a lot and can’t continue to break through. In spite of this, they have established their own status in the minds of the world players, from now on,Carbon in Pulp, no one dares to look down upon this gang of women, and no one will easily offend them. Perhaps some people will say that the blood “color” alliance actually relies on the support of the three major gangs to gain a foothold in the world, but today’s battle fully proves their strength.

The Complete Biography of Mortal Xiuxian

“This nature, the thunder and lightning of the transformation of thunder plunder, is the real thunder of heaven. How can the ordinary prohibition of the human world be resisted?”. By the way, I had a favor to give to my Taoist friends during the robbery. The demon seemed to remember something and suddenly said with a flash of light in his eyes. Benefits? Han Liwen was surprised. Yes, this is a well-known thing in the spirit world. But in the lower world, I’m afraid few people know about it. Tiantao holy beast Hei Hei smiled, and suddenly his lips moved slightly. Han Li listened suspiciously, but his face gradually became surprised, and finally he became excited. If this is true, it is indeed a rare opportunity. Han Mou just carries this kind of instrument on his body, so he can try it. Han Li nodded. Haha, of course, there will be no fake. But Daoyou should seize the good opportunity to make a move again, otherwise if something goes wrong, it will not be beautiful. The demon’s last breath froze and he woke up and said. Please rest assured that Han Mou has a sense of propriety in his heart! Han Li replied with a smile. I think Han Daoyou is not the kind of bold person, that old man this attracted day thunder, ready to spend the robbery. “Well, if I hadn’t been proficient in some secret techniques of concealment, I’m afraid that as soon as I came out of the tripod, the transformation of thunder robbery would have come to me immediately.” The sacred beast of Tianyou sighed, then floated up without wind, and slowly flew high into the sky. Han Li in the heart a Rin,cosmetic packaging wholesale, without a word into a blue rainbow, after a flash out of the law array. Then his eyes flashed blue, and through the heavy white fog, he gazed intently at the actions of the demon below. The monster in the white fog rose to a height of more than thirty feet above the ground and stopped fluttering. Instead, he raised his head and took a deep look at the higher sky. Suddenly, there was a sound of stuffiness in his nose. Suddenly, the blue light on his body flashed wildly. At the same time, a gray demon wind rose out of thin air nearby,Glass Cream Jars, which drowned the demon in it. When Han Li saw this, his expression moved. But immediately, an earth-shaking roar came from the demon wind in China, a powerful demon gas rose from the wind, faintly, the beast in the wind seems to have performed some secret art, so that the body soared. This demon has completely revealed the evil spirit of the eight-level monster. In just one breath, there was a thunderbolt in the cloudless sky, and then there was a sudden gale within a radius of thousands of miles, and dark clouds emerged out of thin air. The whole sky turned black in a twinkling of an eye, and it rained heavily in the thunder. Han Li saw this scene, the mouth can not help but be amazed. As far as he knew, this desolate place, known as the land of death, had always been unusually dry, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Blue Bottle Serum, and even if it did not rain for decades, it was a common thing. Now, as soon as this Tianlan demon beast releases its evil spirit, it immediately attracts such a big celestial phenomenon. It seems that this demon’s transformation of thunder robbery is really no small matter. Han Li thought so in his heart. The dark clouds in the nearby sky suddenly rolled violently, and a thick arc of arms emerged from the clouds, and every flash sent out an amazing rumbling thunder. A huge flash of lightning took shape faintly. Han Li pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes slightly. Just then, the monster in the lower array also roared loudly. In the same amazing whistling sound, the power of the gray demon wind rose several times, and it turned into a gray-white hurricane shaking straight up, as if to rush directly into the dark clouds, breaking all the clouds of thunder and lightning. (Second watch to be continued) Chapter 1188 serial thunder. With a loud bang, an arc like a giant sword came from the depths of the dark clouds and hit the top of the demon wind. With a flash of silver light, the grey-white demon wind trembled and was cut open directly from the middle. Both disappeared into the void at the same time. The figure of the monster with the head of the ox and the body of the Jiao appeared in the low altitude below. Its lower part of the body is now coiled into a ball, and the shape is somewhat different from the original, with a pair of purple wings and two strong green arms on both sides of the body. Han Li looked at it for a long time and saw that the demon looked like the spirit beast of heaven and earth in the rumor. At this time, the holy beast of Tianlan stared at the great arc looming in the sky, and a pair of new fleshy wings appeared behind it, shaking gently. Every time it was fanned, a group of grey spirits suddenly appeared nearby, and in a twinkling of an eye, the beast was completely wrapped in it.
The thunder in the sky finally dense to a degree of no return, in the deafening thunder, a foot of the arc, from the power grid one after another fell under the cloth, unexpectedly more than ten miles range all shrouded in thunder and lightning, a side of the emperor watching Han Li can not be spared. Han Li sighed lightly, and as soon as he pinched his hands, there was a deep thunder on his body, and a layer of golden electric fence appeared eerily, and then it swelled around and turned into a huge golden net to protect Han Li under it. The electric arc in the air hit the net, bursting out of gold and silver, but then disappeared in a flash, and the gold trembled safely. But Han Li did not care about the matter of moving forward, but squinted at the group of gray evil spirit not far away. Although he was involved in the lightning strike in the air, but most of the arc or rush to the middle of the law array of Tianlan holy beast, with this demon as the center of that area, the density of the silver arc falling is more than a few on Han Li’s side. Han Li’s eyes were clear and bright, and what he could see was that the gray demon was drowned by the silver light, and the thunder was as dense as rain, which could not be avoided at all. Han Li’s face was expressionless, but he was a little surprised. Speaking of the thunder robbery, he had seen it once in the chaotic star sea, but the tortoise demon that had ordered his hand did not have such a big momentum, and at that time the tortoise demon had already reached the final stage of the robbery, and this Tianlan beast was just so amazing at the beginning, but in the final stage, it was incredible. Could it be that every monster is completely different from each other in terms of its bearing. Speaking of it, the secret of the robbery of the demon clan, the human world really did not take away the books and records of the account book,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, and what was said was also mentioned in a hurry. There was nothing strange about it. The thunder robbery was only experienced by the monster beast, and it had little to do with the monks of the human clan. Naturally, it was rarely recorded in the human books and records.

I smell delicious.

But as if bewitched, she stretched out her finger and touched the tender sapling in the flowerpot. At the moment of touching the sapling, Lu was warm all over, and the buds on her head could not help but come out, so frightened that she quickly covered her head with her hands. “After taking several deep breaths, he held the bud back again, and his face turned red.” You’ve been malnourished lately. Bring it home. It’ll help you. Handing the small flowerpot to Lu Pangyang, Xu Wenjin had a touch of red on his white cheeks. However, Lu did not answer. She thought about it and said, “The flower in my body seems to be very dependent on you, but I don’t like it, so I want to keep a distance from you. Although my spirit is worse recently, I believe I can control it.” She smiled. “I’ve been using my botanical powers very well recently. I can take care of other plants and make other flowers grow better.” “Thank you, though,” she said. Under the street lamp, the shadows of the trees are whirling. Xu Wenjin’s face flickered in the light and shadow, and the starlight in his eyes seemed to dim a little. He had something to say, but Lu had no intention of continuing to chat. She waved her hand to him,oil dropper bottle, “I’ll go back first. Goodbye.” Before he could answer, she had rubbed her hands and turned away. The wind is very cool, Xu Wenjin originally did not feel cold, but at this time to see her go away, there is a faint loss, like cold water into the heart. The whole person was full of frustration,glass cream jars, and the leaves of the sapling in his hand were yellow. Xu Wenjin did not go directly back to the place where he lived. He sat in the woods for a long time. Later, I couldn’t hold back and sent a message to Lu Pangyang on QQ. Xu Wenjin: “Su Yan and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend.” So you don’t have to avoid me. He wanted to explain his behavior during this period. He was just afraid of the tree in his body, so he deliberately alienated Lu Yang, who would make him more abnormal. The tree in his body seemed to have a very special obsession with the flowers on Lu’s body, which made him feel frightened and uneasy, so that when he saw Lu, his whole mood was not right. Only by staying away from her did he seem to be able to restrain himself and stay awake. But now, he seems to have lost control of himself. Since God let them have the same secret, why not try to be together and solve the secret together? Since he felt comfortable and happy with her, let nature take its course. He didn’t want to force himself to stay away from her any more. Xu Wenjin sat on the bench and looked at the screen of his mobile phone. A long time ago, Lu Pangyang’s head was always dancing on his screen. Sometimes he saw it and pretended not to see it. Now, however, he waited for a long time, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, and the other side did not answer. Xu Wenjin hung his head, his mood was not high, and the sapling in his hand was even more so, and the trunk was bent. It took a long time for the cold wind to blow before he saw Lu’s head light up. Oh I have someone I like. ^_^” Across the screen, everyone seemed to be able to see her smiling. Xu Wenjin: “..” What he said seemed to have nothing to do with what she replied, but he understood what Lu had meant. I have someone I like. Is your relationship with Su Yan a boyfriend? It has nothing to do with me. He put his cell phone in his pocket and sat in the cold wind all night. The next day was the weekend. Lu Pangyang had planned to stay at home for a day to read books, but he didn’t know that there was an activity in the literary club. He had a meeting in the evening and had a dinner after the meeting. A semester is coming to an end, and now the community activities are related to the summary, and everyone has to participate, and Lu Pangyang is no exception. At the meeting at half past seven in the evening, she sat in the classroom fishing and secretly sent messages to BBK. Lu Pangyang said, “I will have a barbecue after the meeting.” Bu Bu Gao Sheng: “Your stomach is not good, what barbecue to eat?” When did I say I had a bad stomach. Lu Pangyang was confused. Did she tell Bu Bu? Her stomach is actually good, the last day can eat a cow, but since the small bud, too spicy stimulation or dare not touch, will be very uncomfortable, but also recover quickly, basking in the sun. Let’s have dinner together, and I’m embarrassed not to go. “Then go home early.” “I know.”. It’s on the street behind the north gate of the school, and it’s not far from the neighborhood where I live.
“Lu Pangyang replied.”. The meeting broke up at nine o’clock. We went out to the school barbecue street to eat barbecue. The business of that street was good. In summer, it was still very lively at two or three o’clock in the evening. The one they went to was a little out of the way, but it was said that the taste was very good, and it was better than others. Our literary club has not come out to celebrate the new recruitment, although it is a little late, but still have to say. The Minister of the Outreach Department poured a glass of beer from a plastic cup, “Welcome to join the literary club, and you will be a family in the future.” Everyone drank, Lu did not refuse, followed by two glasses of beer, but then they continued to persuade her how not to touch. No matter what others said, she just sat there with a shallow smile on her lips. Those boys who held a glass of wine and did not give face if you did not drink it finally worshipped under Lu’s charming smile. Later, no one continued to pour wine for her, and there was more care in words. Little school girl can’t drink. Look, her face is red now. Let’s ignore her and let her eat more meat. From the beginning to the end, Su Yan did not speak much. She looked at Lu Pangyang with mixed feelings. Barbecue to eat at 10:30 in the evening, the north gate of the school is about to close, everyone is going to leave, Lu Pangyang lives in the off-campus community, different from them. When checking out,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, Lu Pangyang was still sending messages to BBK. Bu Bu has been urging her to go home early. Now the weather is cool, what is the meaning of eating barbecue outside the roadside stall in the cold wind at night? She replies: “Finished finally, go back now.” “Uh-huh.”. Be safe. “It’s close to where I live. It takes more than ten minutes to walk back. Don’t worry.” 。

She came from Yaoguang.

And the thief, Jin made the dragon close the moon. When he woke up coughing, he was pressed by a thick pile of books. Holding the nine-turn magic whip in his hand, Jin Shi breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he got what he should get most. Jin Shi was in the mood to look around to see where he was-he was in a dark tunnel and heard the sound of water ticking around him. Fire folding is a necessary thing when you are away from home. Jin Shi, sweating profusely, pulled off the veil that covered his mouth and nose, and took out the fire from his bosom to light the fire. He casually threw away the books on his body, and most of the books were blank after they were spread out. Jin Shi really wondered, is there anything wrong with Jiang Yinan, collecting such a pile of “wordless books” on the bookshelf? Pushing aside the mountain of books, he could reach out to touch a book, open a page with the words “Xiaoyulou” written on it, but Jin Shi glanced at it and threw the book away-Xiaoyulou? What the hell? Never heard of it! He held up the fire fold to illuminate all sides, and when he looked at it, he was almost scared out of his wits and threw away the fire fold in his hand. A skeleton sitting against the wall, white and miserable, looked at him face to face. Jin Shi: “..!!!” Is Jiang Yinan sick?! He put a skeleton in his tunnel! Chapter 43 First Watch Jiang Yinan, in those years, had such a fierce love talk with their religious leader that it was banned again and again in the market, and the script of the two of them in their prime is still circulating today. Nu Yao was young at that time, and when she was brought back by Bai Feng to be beheaded,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, it was after Bai Feng’s emotional injury that she felt that her life was short and that she wanted to leave behind her descendants. At that time, Bai Feng and Jiang Yinan’s vigorous love had already ended. Bai Feng was in seclusion in Luoyan Mountain all the year round. Nu Yao was strictly taught martial arts by her master. Saint Bai Luoying was just a newborn baby who only knew how to cry. On the contrary, Jin Shi, who was already a teenager at that time, had experienced the love between Bai Feng and Jiang Yinan. It was after the experience that Long Shuiyue hated Jiang Yinan, Jiang Jia and Luo Xiangmen so much! Say how righteous, in the end, the purpose is just to let the white phoenix fall in love,Amber Dropper Bottles, give birth to demons, and thus disintegrate the religion. The idea of the right path naturally did not succeed, thanks to their leader Bai Feng in time to stop the loss, not buried in the whole body in that love. However is such, the white phoenix also drags the body which the wound heavy body is weak, twists that tone, has given birth to the white fallen cherry. After that, there was a big battle between Zhengdao and Demon Gate half a year before Baifeng’s death. Jiang Yinan, a coward, never appeared at that time. After many years of planning, there was a result. Bai Feng was a demon for life. Before she died, she broke into the Shanhaiguan Pass and wanted to see Jiang Yinan. However, the last time Bai Feng and Jiang Yinan saw each other was when Jiang Yinan got married. Bai Feng went to make a scene at Luoxiang Gate and then lost. How many years have passed.. In the long years, Nvyao grew up from a little girl crying and shouting behind her master to the leader of the Chop Sect who led the Demon Gate. Bai Feng is dead, but Jiang Yinan is still alive. This once the world’s first childe, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, let the leader of the magic religion just listen to his name on the palpitating man, he is old, lazy and elegant, or like a poppy to attract women. Twenty years have passed since he met Bai Feng for the last time. Jin Shi once again saw Jiang Yinan in a remote courtyard in Luoxiang Gate. There was a tunnel under the ground in Jiang Yinan’s house, in which Jin Shi was buried alive. In the dark tunnel, Jin Shi covered his mouth to cover his cough. He was more and more wounded. At this time, his face was pale and haggard. He dared not cough loudly for fear that his breathing would be aggravated and that the air here would not be enough. With Jin Shi’s skill, he had found that the tunnel seemed to be closed. Given time, if Jiang Yinan did not open the tunnel again, Jin Shi would suffocate and die here in only two days. Jin Shi snorted, “Jiang Yinan looks down upon him!”! Jin Shi hunched his back, pushed away the blank book that had smashed all over his body, and took the fire fold close to the skeleton. The firelight shone on the uneven earthen wall, which was mottled, with skeletons sitting against the wall, long hair withered, and a pile of silks and satins. The silks and satins are not decayed, but the corpse.. The stink lingered 。 Jin Shi stared at the earth wall which was concave and convex but had no blood. If a person is suffocated to death, it will leave a mark. This skeleton was brought here after it was dead.
Jin Shi, holding the long whip of gold and silver in his hand, said in his heart, “This skeleton … …” Could it be that Jiang Yinan went crazy and dug out the body of Bai Feng, their former religious leader, from Luoyan Mountain? No, no, right?! Jin Shi was frightened by his imagination of Jiang Yinan and retreated. He stepped on the silk on the ground and almost tripped over it. The fire in Jin Shi’s hand shook, grazed half of the wall, and scratched the skeleton. The gold envoy suddenly froze in his eyes and raised the torch close to the skeleton. He squatted down and saw many whip marks and knife marks on the skeleton. The skeleton color of the skeleton also appears black. Poison, swords, and. After the “nine-turn magic whip” was laid down, the damage to the human body was directly deep to the bone marrow, and the whip marks added by this skeleton.. Jin Shi Dingding looked at it and said, “Could it be the contribution of the” Nine Turns of the Divine Whip “?”? This, this will never be their former leader Bai Feng! Jin Shi suddenly denied his previous guess, thinking that even if Jiang Yinan was not a human being, even if he was insidious and cunning, Jiang Yinan would not go all the way to dig out Bai Feng’s body and whip it. After all, it’s an old love. He’s not crazy enough. If Jiang Yinan is really crazy to that point. If he dares to whip the corpse of the former leader of the sect, the whole sect will not forgive him! So if it’s not Bai Feng, whose body will it be? Jin Shi thought for a long time and didn’t understand. He sneered. He didn’t have the heart to think about Jiang Yinan. Jin Shi raised the torch, and he began to pull out the iron bone claw from his bosom. As soon as the iron bone claw was thrown out, it climbed to the height of the earthen wall, and the gold made it jump and climb up the wall. He put his ear to the wall, listened to the sound of the ticking water, and judged which direction he could choose to escape. Gold makes luck in the palm, the palm bends into a claw, a stroke on the wall, a piece of loess fell to the ground, he cut a long trace. Jin Shi was extremely satisfied. If Jiang Yinan closes other people to come in,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, other people will suffocate and die, but Jin Shi will never. Jin Shi’s kungfu is all in his hands. He learned the skill of Eagle Claw. Even if Jiang Yinan locked him in a closed tunnel, he could dig out a piece of heaven and earth and escape from here.

Red Chamber Night Talk 85

The fisherwoman pushed the boat all the way to the west, and on both sides of the river were large and small water pavilions and courtyards of the Tong family. Sister You and Brother Jue struggled to point out to Daiyu where they lived and where her brother lived, and when the boat reached the vicinity of the Biqiao Bridge, the two little ones were silent. There were more courtyards near the Biqiao Bridge, but the layout was obviously cramped, and there was no such spacious scenery as I had seen before, and it was far away from the main house. Daiyu faintly guessed that this was the courtyard where Tong’s concubines and aunts lived, but her brother said that Tong Taifu had a lot of luck and had six aunts to accompany her. But the strange thing is that Lord Tong still loves his wife the most, and none of his aunts is particularly favored. Seeing that it was almost noon, Cui ordered the fisherman to go to the shore. Daiyu only felt that the scenery in front of her was familiar, and when she looked around, she remembered that there was a small garden passing by, and she was afraid that the fishermen would stop their boats near the Xiushui Pavilion just now. The boat was swaying unsteadily, and Daiyu hugged Sister You. “Don’t be afraid.”. Don’t be afraid, we’ll be on the shore soon. Sister You was young, and she was afraid of the rickety boat, but it didn’t seem so scary to lie in Aunt Lin’s arms. The boat got closer and closer, and just then, not far away, there was a scream that rang through the lake. Help! It’s drowning! Help! There was fear in the voice, and a kind of despair. The people on the beach looked over there and saw that Xiushui Pavilion was just blocked by a weeping willow on the bank. They could only hear the sound, but could not see anyone. Not good, is it Tong Shenshen? Daiyu remembered that she and the eldest girl had just been left alone, and that no matter who had fallen into the water, it was not a good omen, especially one day before Tong Taifu’s birthday. Everyone hurriedly got off the boat. Cui was holding Jue in her arms. Sister You’s Mammy was supposed to take her from Daiyu, but Sister You turned her head and ignored Mammy, holding Daiyu’s skirt in her little hand. Cui son face is not good, “Miss Lin, we now..” Cui son also do not know what to say is good,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, go to Xiushui Pavilion, afraid to frighten the three little masters, but do not go, afraid to let the Lin family see a joke. Cui son no matter how to say is just a decent point of the servant girl, so can be difficult for her, Cui son now only hate the fisherman where the shore is not good, but chose here. Cui’er didn’t care who fell into the water. The big girl had never been spoiled, and the deep girl was also the one who came to fight the autumn wind. Either Cui’er was cruel, or the two girls together were not as precious as their little master. If they frightened Brother Jing and Brother Jue, Second Daughter-in-law would not skin herself? Lin Daiyu couldn’t answer. What could she say? She was just a guest. Brother Jing said to the others, “Go and have a look.” Cui Er had to follow the crowd to Xiushui Pavilion. Before arriving at Xiushui Pavilion, I saw that the shore was already a mess. Three or four women surrounded the man who fell into the water in the middle. A servant girl in a small green shirt knelt on the ground, crying. Tong Shenshen, standing not far from the crowd, looked at the farce in front of him at a loss. Daiyu and others were stupefied. Could it really be the big girl of the Tong family who fell into the water? PS: When you go out, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, why do you always have problems? Daiyu should make a good summary ~ ~ ~ the second night to send around six o’clock o (∩ _ ∩) o ha ~ The ninety-sixth chapter of the main text is a summer tour of the lake, and I was shocked to hear that I fell into the water (part two). Chapter 96 swimming in the lake in summer and falling into the water (part two) (Tomorrow is Monday. If Jing He can code two chapters tonight, he will have a double update to eat and drink with Mom and Dad in the evening. Try to come back as early as possible. It’s another week of streaking. Please support Jing He.) As soon as Tong Shenshen saw Daiyu and the others, as if he had got the backbone, he hurried to the front of the crowd. What he said was not so sharp. Daiyu guessed that she was frightened. Sister Lin, I really didn’t push her. She fell down by herself. You have to believe me, brother Jue, you have to tell your aunt that it’s really not me. “Tong Shenshen is like a doll who has lost his soul. His bun is loose, his hairpin is off, his skirt is wet, and the gauze clothes with white magnolia flowers are almost pulled.”.
“Don’t worry, Miss Shen,” said Daiyu soothingly. "Let’s see what happened to the man who fell into the water? Who the hell is this guy? Have you reported it, madam? Jing scolded the crowd, and Cui quickly covered Jue’s eyes and forbade her to look. “Mammy also stood in front of Sister You.” Eh? Brother Jing asked, “Isn’t it my aunt who fell into the water?” When the little girl, who had just been crying her heart out, heard the words of Brother Jing, she came up and kowtowed, “Ask the eldest young master to save our aunt. Aunt, she’s already two months pregnant. If you don’t come to the doctor to save her, I’m afraid it’ll be too late.” Although the ground was not a bluestone slab, she could not resist the exertion of the little girl, and soon her forehead was red and swollen. Sister You was so frightened that she hid behind Daiyu, but she couldn’t help being curious and poked her little head out to look over there. After the crowd dispersed, Daiyu saw the woman half lying on the ground. Fortunately, the aunt was not unconscious. Although she was wet all over after being rescued, she could not hide her beauty. Especially a pair of red phoenix eyes, charming color impregnation, turning eyes more infinite amorous feelings, eyebrows extremely thick, like ink, dark clouds fold sideburns, apricot face peach cheeks, delicate willow waist. Daiyu thought of what the book said about Su Daji, and she was afraid it was just so so. The aunt half leaned in the woman’s arms, her hands tightly covering her stomach, and as soon as she looked up, her eyes flashed a touch of fierce light, but it was soon concealed. Daiyu saw it clearly and grabbed Jing’s little hand at once. “Jing, she..” “Don’t worry, Aunt Lin,” said Brother Jing in a low voice. “That man is just my grandfather’s sixth aunt. He can’t hurt me.” Instead, Brother Jing took a few steps forward and stood in front of the woman who fell into the water. “Did you go to call someone?” A woman hurried back and forth and said, “Report back to the eldest young master. I’ve sent someone to invite Second Daughter-in-law. The sixth aunt is..” The woman looked carefully at Sister Shen. She wanted to say something, but she didn’t dare to open her mouth. She hesitated. The crying little girl did not care about these, but shouted loudly, "It is the deep girl who pushed our aunt,30ml dropper bottle, our aunt is very pregnant, can continue the blood for adults, you..“. You are not kind. 。” 。 ”">

Burn at one point

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Approaching the door, a Ming also looked back, do you want to tell the little witch ah? Shen Qing looked at him, some difficult to say, but do not ask out the heart after all unwilling, took a deep breath or asked: “If, I mean if, at the beginning I also like Zhou Yining to accompany you without hesitation, we are not..” Ji Dongyang interrupted her: “There is no if in this matter.” Shen Qing turned pale and stared at him. Ji Dongyang: She is different from you. If that’s what you want to say, there’s no need. I’ll go first. Shen Qing stood in place, half ring, to find their own thoughts. After the reception, Zhou Yining and Ji Dongyang did not return to the hotel. There were many reporters in the hotel. Zhou Yining asked a Ming to send them back to her home. When they arrived at the gate of the community, they found that there were also reporters squatting at the gate of the community. Fortunately, the security guards did not let them go, and they returned home smoothly. Zhou Yining put the trophy on the table and suddenly turned around and asked, “Where is your trophy?” Ji Dongyang has been acting for more than ten years. There are many trophies, big and small. Zhou Yining has only been to his two residences, but he has not seen those trophies. Ji Dongyang: “I will take you there next time.” Zhou Yining curled his lips: “How many residences do you have?” Ji Dongyang smiled: “Five.” “…… Fine Seeing that she was still staring at the trophy in a daze, Ji Dongyang hugged her from behind: “What are you thinking?” Zhou Yining told the truth: “If only you could get the prize tonight.” “Didn’t we agree not to say that?” “Well, stop talking.” Zhou Yining turned from his arms and raised his chin. “Tell me what Shen Qing said to you.” Ming is talkative again. Ji Dongyang looked at her, unable to lie to her, and told her the truth. Zhou Yining pursed his lower lip and put his arm around his neck. “Did you answer?” Ji Dongyang: “I said there is no if.” “What if?” Sometimes when women haggle over it, no one can resist it. Before she asked this question, Ji Dongyang really did not think about this if. At that time,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, he had not been with Shen Qing for a long time, and his feelings were still running in. But he did not deny his attitude towards feelings. Shen Qing wanted to break up. He respected him very much and did not retain him, because he understood that the situation at that time was more important to Shen Qing than his career.