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Yin Wuxie smiled coldly, “Do you think the Tianjing who was killed by Chu Du on Mikong Island is the only one who entered Luo Shengtian?”? To tell you the truth, for thousands of years, a total of three celestial spirits have arrived at Mikong Island before and after. Among them, the terrible one a thousand years ago not only did not fall into deep sleep, but also only consumed a little strength. Thanks to the first elder of Tianxing Palace, he was cleaned up. The world only knows that we are lucky to control the north and fight for power and profit. Who knows how much we’ve done to keep the balance in the North. Just to monitor the island, we spent countless manpower and material resources, and sacrificed nearly 100 masters of Tianxing Palace. The more I listened, the more shocked I became. I looked at him crying motionless like a clay doll. I couldn’t help thinking, “This demon is now addicted to his mind. It’s a good opportunity to control him.” In my practice of the secret of the earth, there is an art of controlling the mind, which is most suitable for taking advantage of the moment when the opponent is in a trance and turning him into an obedient puppet. Yin Wuxie shook his head flatly and said, “During the Lianhua Meeting, we are not allowed to hurt any distinguished guests.” He looked around and whispered, “Do you think we’re the only ones here?”? Every mountain of books is heavily forbidden, and there are experts in the Ministry of Justice lurking to monitor it. It was a pity that I cried in the dark, and the ancient bell suddenly came from the distance, echoing leisurely. In the sky, there are ripples of air waves, and red lotus flowers are born out of thin air, fragrant and fragrant. The flames of the demon were burning,D BHB Factory, and even the divine consciousness had a faint feeling of pain. What a weird demon power! “The Tianya Bridge is open!” Yin Wuxie looked up at the blooming red lotus and said cheerfully, “Let’s go. The Lotus Society has officially begun. It’s time for all the masters in the North to show their magic!” Summoning the moon and the wild geese, Yin Wuxie led me to fly to the lotus pond. Along the way, auspicious days everywhere swept up dozens of moon sky geese, flying in succession. Sun Simiao was there, and the medicine basket on his back was filled with colorful herbs, apparently having just returned from the medicine garden with a full load. Some of the people riding the moon geese looked strange, and I had never seen them before. Yin Wuxie said in a low voice,Sex Enhancement Powder, “There are hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the north. Many masters practice behind closed doors, so they are silent and nameless.”. All the distinguished guests who are qualified to participate in the Lotus Festival are all craftsmen, which can not be underestimated. I thought to myself that the auspicious heaven was more powerful, and all the masters in the world could not escape their eyes and ears. Back to the Lotus Pond, the nearby area is already crowded with people, three or five piles. Among thousands of lotus flowers, a green cypress bridge emerges faintly, leading to the depths of colorful fog. End of 17 volumes (Txt Fiction Paradise Online Library; www. xiaoshuotxt.c o m Volume 18 Chapter 1 Crossing the Bridge ^txt-。 Small% say days. Hall Volume 18 Chapter 1 Crossing the Bridge Where have you been? Catching a glimpse of me, Hai Ji came up to meet me angrily. Pointing to the cypress bridge where Lian Ruo appeared, she said, “The Tianya Bridge is open. Go and have a try.”. (Txt Fiction Paradise Online Library; “Eh?” I am slightly stunned, this bridge is close to the end of the world, but let me give birth to the illusion of unreachable. Hidden Wuxie quietly left, did not wait for me to ask Haiji, the side has a person quickly swept up, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, rushed to the wooden bridge. This person’s body is agile, his skill is profound, and the lotus around him is affected by his momentum, shaking one after another, rolling down countless dewdrops. Seeing that he was about to fall on the bridge, somehow, with a “splash”, his feet landed in the empty place beside the bridge, fell into the lotus pond, and fell into a drowned rat. He leapt out of the Lotus Pond and left without looking back. Although he looked discomfited, no one laughed. Close to the end of the bridge is obviously hidden mystery, will make the master also fall into the water. They stared intently at the wooden bridge with a solemn expression, as if facing a formidable enemy. This Tianya Bridge is the first pass leading to the Bodhi Temple. Haiji said, “As long as you enter the Bodhi Temple, you can ask the elders there questions about magic practice, and they will try their best to answer them. At the same time, they will represent the auspicious heaven and satisfy one of your wishes.” I felt a shock in my heart. “Any wish?” As long as it is reasonable, as long as it is auspicious, it can be done. Even if you ask for the secret of auspicious days, magic weapons, or even ask to settle down in auspicious days, it is not a problem.
” I pondered in silence that the Lotus Festival was indeed the largest event in the North, and the temptation and benefits of it were irresistible to most experts. However, this is not a powerful means to control people’s hearts. At this time, another person went to the Tianya Bridge. Carefully, the man first crossed the water with the magic of duckweed, stepped steadily on the surface of the water, and approached the wooden bridge step by step. It was not until he approached the bridge that he slowly raised his feet. Step towards the cypress bridge. “Splash”, splashing, a foot close at hand actually stepped on the air, the man fell into the pool without any suspense. “Do you understand?” Said Haiji? The Tianya Bridge has been forbidden by strange magic, and even the masters of famous families may not be able to pass it. I was secretly surprised that the inconspicuous wooden bridge did not move, but people could not step on it. Running the mirror pupil secret way to look, I was shocked, close to the end of the bridge disappeared. This should be the prohibition of the universe. Gan Zhen whispered, “My lotus mind can barely see a little bit.” Several people failed and fell into the water one after another. According to Hai Ji, for hundreds of millions of years, not many guests have been able to cross the Tianya Bridge, and even fewer have passed through several passes to enter the Bodhi Court. This has become a sign of strength and prestige. Let Ben Wang try. Night flow ice dense road, shake hand shoot out a black ice flower, straight to the wooden bridge. With the light sound of “Pa”, the ice flower fell flat on the bridge deck. Shake slightly. The body of the night ice flow is moving, and people have appeared in the ice flowers. At the same moment, the ice flower reprinted the 16K literature website www.16k from the bridge book. side rolled down and fell into the lotus pond. The ice broke through the water at night, and his face was ugly. Several young disciples of the auspicious heaven pointed and gloated. For a moment. Everyone hesitated to wait and see, and no one tried it easily. Chu Du snorted coldly. Float and sweep to the end of the world. Step out, like virtual, like real,Thyroid Powder Factory, completely elusive location of the foot, give birth to a dazzling strange feeling. OK Childe Ying clapped her hands lightly. Chu Du had fallen steadily on the bridge, and disappeared in the depths of the lotus in an instant.