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Quietly swim to the multi-legged water demon side, this time has been completely attracted by those female players, did not notice its side, more than we this dangerous person. From the bottom of the water, this guy looks like an activated mutant anemone, with soft feet growing out of the muddy and bloody bottom and climbing to the surface of the water. Time and tide wait for no man. I immediately summoned Xiao Jiu, Xiao Ying, as well as Ya Ya and Xiao Zi. Each of them saw a soft foot and rushed up. The dagger was easily “inserted” into the soft feet of B, and the dark green “liquid” body immediately gushed out, mixed with blood, and dyed my whole body green. Looking at the declining blood volume, I suddenly understood that these “liquid” bodies were highly poisonous, and even swallowed a few antidotes. I asked Violet to take charge of collective detoxification. As for Xiao Jiu, he is an old hand at using poison, and this poison is almost like a tonic for him, while Xiao Ying doesn’t have to worry about it. Poison is ineffective for the undead. I don’t know what’s going on with the ponytails, but I just frantically brandished my double blades and cut off the soft feet around me one by one. Well, apart from the poisonous “sex” attack, these soft feet don’t necessarily have much power, but there are too many of them, and I’m a little too busy. Cut off a few, and a few brush out,coltan ore processing, imperceptibly, my front and back are surrounded by soft feet with poisonous thorns. Had it not been for the fact that my equipment itself had an additional anti-poison attribute, and that it could continue to rely on attacks to return blood viciousness, these successive poisonings would have been enough to kill me. The female players in the cage did not notice that the soft feet around them had not increased as fast as before, but one after another people fell into the water because of violent shaking. The problem of being swallowed by the multi-legged water demon and turned into white light really gave them a headache. The soft feet in front of me kept shaking, and I suddenly saw the green “color” of the multi-legged water demon from a gap. It turned out that while I was slashing the soft feet, I was slowly pushing forward. At this time, I had reached the bottom of the cage. Six willow-shaped knives came out of the red dagger,mineral flotation, penetrated the layers of meat nets woven by the soft feet, and directly cut the neck of the multi-legged water demon. Perhaps it was not a neck at all, but only a soft meat connected to its head, because all the soft feet spread out from around it. The power of the split shadow ghost chop broke out completely in its body, looking at the tentacles that were constantly changing and protruding, the multi-legged water demon sobbed and screamed, giving up the beauty in the cage and turning his head. It aimed its big mouth at me in the water and roared. “Milk” “Milk”, so many girls with fine skin and tender flesh don’t eat it. If you want to eat me, it’s not a joke to attack me head-on with many water demons. I wipe my black dragon blood. Throw your hands at its eyes is a hell of dragon waves hit the past, circling away the blood of the fire tornado, burning the tentacles is sizzling, also did not see how the effect of the attack. I followed directly to open the escape, dragging a family away from the battlefield, do not go, they will be seen through by the ponytail. Okay, coltan ore processing ,Portable gold trommel, we have the cloak of the shadow of the night to protect us, and the escape did not fail, so I did not leave a tail. This little “insert” gave the ponytails valuable time to adjust, and the team immediately rushed out and scattered in the bridge locks and other cages. The colorful magic aura and the sharp arrows and branches are densely smashed into the head of the multi-legged water demon, and the panic counterattack from the beginning has turned into a hierarchical positional battle. “B is going to die, sisters, come on!” With the passage of time, relying on a large number of people, they have an absolute advantage in ponytails. Squatting on the stone wall, I looked back a few times. The blood volume of the multi-foot water demon was indeed not much, and the number of them in the ponytail was reduced by more than half, but they did not lose their companions and grief. On the contrary, it inspires their high morale. Completely regardless of their own safety, frantically attack. I just want to end this battle quickly. The ponytail was covered with the poisonous “liquid” sprayed from the multi-foot water demon, and the amount of blood had never been full, but she stubbornly refused to throw a light of recovery on her head, but kept throwing the magic of recovery to the front of the fierce battle, while she was forced to support herself by taking “medicine”.
See the gang leader is like this, blood “color” girls have nothing to say, all the sacrifices are followed by ponytails, to struggle for a line of battle, the mage and archers add blood, with the support of these absolute support groups, responsible for the attack behind the girls as if to erect a strong backing, and desperate to fight, cut off the soft feet on the railings one by one. Many a little makes a mickle in the water demon’s blood volume. Finally, a mass of dark blood gushed out from the bottom of the pool like oil, and the multi-legged water demon, which was enough to make these female heroes have nightmares, finally collapsed to the surface of the water like a withered flower, and its moss-green skin turned into a grey-brown color, and its broken soft feet floated all over the pool, like a pot of rotten noodles that had changed its quality, which made people feel evil. But in a twinkling of an eye, it was diluted by the joy of victory. Ah, we won, we won at last! “Yay!”! It’s true that we killed this ugly monster! “We are so awesome that we killed the guardian B here.” Waves of voices, one after another, kept spreading in this group of women’s troops. Every tired face showed a smile. Even I, who was squatting aside to rest, was infected by this happy atmosphere and could not help showing a few relieved smiles. The ponytail, on the other hand, raised his eyebrows and looked ahead, as if recalling something, and his lips broke gently, revealing a mysterious smile. The Bloody Alliance has won an unexpected victory today, but they have lost a lot and can’t continue to break through. In spite of this, they have established their own status in the minds of the world players, from now on,Carbon in Pulp, no one dares to look down upon this gang of women, and no one will easily offend them. Perhaps some people will say that the blood “color” alliance actually relies on the support of the three major gangs to gain a foothold in the world, but today’s battle fully proves their strength.