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Later, Jiangxi learned that the little fox spirit born by the big fox spirit was called Yixuan, Su Yixuan. Her father changed her surname to Ye on the fifth day when she lived in Ruan’s house. In Grandpa’s words, it was on the genealogy of the Ye family. Jiangxi sniffed, and whenever she saw the mother and daughter in Ruan’s residence, she would forget what the etiquette teacher had said about their upbringing, and cynicism was common. Elder sister A timid voice, wearing a beautiful princess skirt, which was a gift from her father to Ye Yixuan yesterday. Jiangxi can’t remember the last time Ye Zongxin gave her a gift. My mother gave birth to me, even if the Ruan family is big, not all cats and dogs can climb up. At that time, Jiangxi was still surnamed Ye, and it was the first time that he said such harsh words. Ye Yixuan’s eyes turned red. “I’m sorry, sister. It’s all my fault.” She stepped forward timidly and pulled Jiangxi’s sleeve. Nine-year-old Ye Yixuan is already very beautiful, and the appearance of the pear flower with rain is very much like her mother who can act, which is really lovely. Oh, her surname is Ye, hum, a pair of fox spirits! Jiangxi shook off Ye Yixuan’s hand, brushed her sleeve viciously, and frowned in disgust: “You have dirtied my skirt.” Ye Yixuan lowered her head with injury and was very aggrieved. Then, Jiangxi raised his chin, raised his eyes, and turned around proudly like a peacock, baring his teeth and claws like a wild cat. Just, turn around, eyes into a pair of beautiful eyes. Song Ci, Song Ci, this is as beautiful as a teenager coming out of a window. But why did she always meet him when she was most embarrassed and unbearable. Just stunned for a few seconds, Jiangxi looked up, looked at Song Ci squarely, then adjusted her skirt, and the lady gracefully brushed past him. Mother said, no matter when and where, don’t lose your identity and upbringing. With folded hands and steady steps,gold CIP machine, Jiangxi thought that even the strictest etiquette teacher should not be able to pick out mistakes. Brother Song Ci. Jiangxi footsteps suddenly a meal. Shameless little fox spirit, who is her brother, Song Ci? Jiangxi scolded her with the most vicious words in her heart, completely forgetting that she was still a little lady. When she was angry, she heard Song Ci say: “Even if the Song family has a great cause, not all cats and dogs can climb up.” Cold tone, like a little adult, delicate little face is very beautiful. Jiangxi is stupefied, staring at Song Ci foolishly, forget oneself, she suddenly thought of grandfather’s words: “Get this jade, must treasure it, hide it.”. Get this person, must treasure it, hide it. Grandpa loves jade. What about her? She thought that it was human nature to love the beauty of Song Ci, and her mother often said that everyone had the heart of beauty, and that a lady also needed a pair of appreciative eyes. Then Kiangsi stepped forward grandly and shouted in the sweetest voice, small gold wash plant ,gold heap leaching, “Brother Song Ci.” It was the first time that Jiangxi had called Song Ci by his name, as if they had known each other for a long time. At that time, she was nine years old, ten years younger than Song Ci. After three months, she finally had a clear name to call him Song Ci’s brother. - - - - Digression - - The truth that human life is at stake, give the owner of the pond three days to be quiet, rest assured, the driver is a dog food specialist. Diamond ranking, see the reply of the top comment for the top ten awards, and the current tenth is 30. Today’s building snatching activity, Yiyi first floor, award a customized bookmark. Chapter 39: Young at that time. She finally had a solid name to call him brother Song Ci. Probably devilishly, Jiangxi followed Song Ci out of the hall and walked all the way to the back garden of Ruan’s house. At that time, the ivy was growing at its peak, and the green vines covered the whole courtyard. She followed the footsteps of Song Ci, separated by a distance of one meter, stepped on his shadow behind him, entangled for a while, and then said: “Was I very unreasonable just now?” Song Ci was silent. Jiangxi heard his mother say that when Song Ci was four years old, he lived abroad alone, probably because he was used to being alone, and he did not like to talk. “I’m not usually like this,” she continued. Seemed to be afraid of Song Ci do not believe, and specifically stressed, “yesterday the etiquette teacher also praised me as a little lady.”.
” I don’t know why it’s so hard to clarify. Anyway, Jiangxi doesn’t want Song Ci to think she’s a vexatious and unreasonable girl. Not only the etiquette teacher, but also the oil painting teacher praised me. Really, she was not showing off, but Song Ci did not speak, did not say a word, went straight ahead, passed by a rattan man. Embarrassed, Jiangxi lowered his head, grabbed his skirt with his fingers, and muttered in a low voice, “It’s true.” He didn’t speak, and Jiangxi was a little disappointed. You don’t believe me? Song Ci still ignored her. She carried her skirt and trotted to Song Ci’s side. She looked up at Song Ci’s beautiful side face and shouted, “Song Ci.” Song Ci’s footsteps stopped. “Just now,” he turned his head and looked at Jiangxi, “you didn’t shout like that.” Song Ci’s eyes, very black, like the black jade that Grandpa had treasured, were so beautiful that people could not move their eyes. Gloom swept between the eyebrows, Jiangxi smiled, revealing two deep small pear vortex, softly shouted: “Song Ci brother.” Mother grew up in a small town in the south of the Yangtze River when she was young. Her tone always had the softness of a southern woman. Jiangxi was very much like her mother, especially the tone of her voice. Brother Song Ci. She called out again. Uh He answered lightly and walked on. Jiangxi looked at him sideways and saw the corners of his mouth raised. Later, Jiangxi would always call him by his first name, Song Ci, and she liked his name, which was simple and delicate. It was a month later that I saw Song Ci again, and the ivy on the roof climbed a little higher. She specially put on a beautiful little skirt, very excited, forgot the etiquette teacher said that the little lady can not run in a skirt, she ran to the front of Song Ci: “Do you come to me?” “No.” After a pause, Song Ci explained,gold shaking table, “Passing by.” Maybe he is not good at lying, and his tone is very stiff. Jiangxi smiled and did not expose him: “Where are you going?”? This is the northernmost part of the city. Song Ci turned to look at her and solemnly said, “I’m going the wrong way.” 。