She came from Yaoguang.

And the thief, Jin made the dragon close the moon. When he woke up coughing, he was pressed by a thick pile of books. Holding the nine-turn magic whip in his hand, Jin Shi breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he got what he should get most. Jin Shi was in the mood to look around to see where he was-he was in a dark tunnel and heard the sound of water ticking around him. Fire folding is a necessary thing when you are away from home. Jin Shi, sweating profusely, pulled off the veil that covered his mouth and nose, and took out the fire from his bosom to light the fire. He casually threw away the books on his body, and most of the books were blank after they were spread out. Jin Shi really wondered, is there anything wrong with Jiang Yinan, collecting such a pile of “wordless books” on the bookshelf? Pushing aside the mountain of books, he could reach out to touch a book, open a page with the words “Xiaoyulou” written on it, but Jin Shi glanced at it and threw the book away-Xiaoyulou? What the hell? Never heard of it! He held up the fire fold to illuminate all sides, and when he looked at it, he was almost scared out of his wits and threw away the fire fold in his hand. A skeleton sitting against the wall, white and miserable, looked at him face to face. Jin Shi: “..!!!” Is Jiang Yinan sick?! He put a skeleton in his tunnel! Chapter 43 First Watch Jiang Yinan, in those years, had such a fierce love talk with their religious leader that it was banned again and again in the market, and the script of the two of them in their prime is still circulating today. Nu Yao was young at that time, and when she was brought back by Bai Feng to be beheaded,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, it was after Bai Feng’s emotional injury that she felt that her life was short and that she wanted to leave behind her descendants. At that time, Bai Feng and Jiang Yinan’s vigorous love had already ended. Bai Feng was in seclusion in Luoyan Mountain all the year round. Nu Yao was strictly taught martial arts by her master. Saint Bai Luoying was just a newborn baby who only knew how to cry. On the contrary, Jin Shi, who was already a teenager at that time, had experienced the love between Bai Feng and Jiang Yinan. It was after the experience that Long Shuiyue hated Jiang Yinan, Jiang Jia and Luo Xiangmen so much! Say how righteous, in the end, the purpose is just to let the white phoenix fall in love,Amber Dropper Bottles, give birth to demons, and thus disintegrate the religion. The idea of the right path naturally did not succeed, thanks to their leader Bai Feng in time to stop the loss, not buried in the whole body in that love. However is such, the white phoenix also drags the body which the wound heavy body is weak, twists that tone, has given birth to the white fallen cherry. After that, there was a big battle between Zhengdao and Demon Gate half a year before Baifeng’s death. Jiang Yinan, a coward, never appeared at that time. After many years of planning, there was a result. Bai Feng was a demon for life. Before she died, she broke into the Shanhaiguan Pass and wanted to see Jiang Yinan. However, the last time Bai Feng and Jiang Yinan saw each other was when Jiang Yinan got married. Bai Feng went to make a scene at Luoxiang Gate and then lost. How many years have passed.. In the long years, Nvyao grew up from a little girl crying and shouting behind her master to the leader of the Chop Sect who led the Demon Gate. Bai Feng is dead, but Jiang Yinan is still alive. This once the world’s first childe, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, let the leader of the magic religion just listen to his name on the palpitating man, he is old, lazy and elegant, or like a poppy to attract women. Twenty years have passed since he met Bai Feng for the last time. Jin Shi once again saw Jiang Yinan in a remote courtyard in Luoxiang Gate. There was a tunnel under the ground in Jiang Yinan’s house, in which Jin Shi was buried alive. In the dark tunnel, Jin Shi covered his mouth to cover his cough. He was more and more wounded. At this time, his face was pale and haggard. He dared not cough loudly for fear that his breathing would be aggravated and that the air here would not be enough. With Jin Shi’s skill, he had found that the tunnel seemed to be closed. Given time, if Jiang Yinan did not open the tunnel again, Jin Shi would suffocate and die here in only two days. Jin Shi snorted, “Jiang Yinan looks down upon him!”! Jin Shi hunched his back, pushed away the blank book that had smashed all over his body, and took the fire fold close to the skeleton. The firelight shone on the uneven earthen wall, which was mottled, with skeletons sitting against the wall, long hair withered, and a pile of silks and satins. The silks and satins are not decayed, but the corpse.. The stink lingered 。 Jin Shi stared at the earth wall which was concave and convex but had no blood. If a person is suffocated to death, it will leave a mark. This skeleton was brought here after it was dead.
Jin Shi, holding the long whip of gold and silver in his hand, said in his heart, “This skeleton … …” Could it be that Jiang Yinan went crazy and dug out the body of Bai Feng, their former religious leader, from Luoyan Mountain? No, no, right?! Jin Shi was frightened by his imagination of Jiang Yinan and retreated. He stepped on the silk on the ground and almost tripped over it. The fire in Jin Shi’s hand shook, grazed half of the wall, and scratched the skeleton. The gold envoy suddenly froze in his eyes and raised the torch close to the skeleton. He squatted down and saw many whip marks and knife marks on the skeleton. The skeleton color of the skeleton also appears black. Poison, swords, and. After the “nine-turn magic whip” was laid down, the damage to the human body was directly deep to the bone marrow, and the whip marks added by this skeleton.. Jin Shi Dingding looked at it and said, “Could it be the contribution of the” Nine Turns of the Divine Whip “?”? This, this will never be their former leader Bai Feng! Jin Shi suddenly denied his previous guess, thinking that even if Jiang Yinan was not a human being, even if he was insidious and cunning, Jiang Yinan would not go all the way to dig out Bai Feng’s body and whip it. After all, it’s an old love. He’s not crazy enough. If Jiang Yinan is really crazy to that point. If he dares to whip the corpse of the former leader of the sect, the whole sect will not forgive him! So if it’s not Bai Feng, whose body will it be? Jin Shi thought for a long time and didn’t understand. He sneered. He didn’t have the heart to think about Jiang Yinan. Jin Shi raised the torch, and he began to pull out the iron bone claw from his bosom. As soon as the iron bone claw was thrown out, it climbed to the height of the earthen wall, and the gold made it jump and climb up the wall. He put his ear to the wall, listened to the sound of the ticking water, and judged which direction he could choose to escape. Gold makes luck in the palm, the palm bends into a claw, a stroke on the wall, a piece of loess fell to the ground, he cut a long trace. Jin Shi was extremely satisfied. If Jiang Yinan closes other people to come in,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, other people will suffocate and die, but Jin Shi will never. Jin Shi’s kungfu is all in his hands. He learned the skill of Eagle Claw. Even if Jiang Yinan locked him in a closed tunnel, he could dig out a piece of heaven and earth and escape from here.