Red Chamber Night Talk 85

The fisherwoman pushed the boat all the way to the west, and on both sides of the river were large and small water pavilions and courtyards of the Tong family. Sister You and Brother Jue struggled to point out to Daiyu where they lived and where her brother lived, and when the boat reached the vicinity of the Biqiao Bridge, the two little ones were silent. There were more courtyards near the Biqiao Bridge, but the layout was obviously cramped, and there was no such spacious scenery as I had seen before, and it was far away from the main house. Daiyu faintly guessed that this was the courtyard where Tong’s concubines and aunts lived, but her brother said that Tong Taifu had a lot of luck and had six aunts to accompany her. But the strange thing is that Lord Tong still loves his wife the most, and none of his aunts is particularly favored. Seeing that it was almost noon, Cui ordered the fisherman to go to the shore. Daiyu only felt that the scenery in front of her was familiar, and when she looked around, she remembered that there was a small garden passing by, and she was afraid that the fishermen would stop their boats near the Xiushui Pavilion just now. The boat was swaying unsteadily, and Daiyu hugged Sister You. “Don’t be afraid.”. Don’t be afraid, we’ll be on the shore soon. Sister You was young, and she was afraid of the rickety boat, but it didn’t seem so scary to lie in Aunt Lin’s arms. The boat got closer and closer, and just then, not far away, there was a scream that rang through the lake. Help! It’s drowning! Help! There was fear in the voice, and a kind of despair. The people on the beach looked over there and saw that Xiushui Pavilion was just blocked by a weeping willow on the bank. They could only hear the sound, but could not see anyone. Not good, is it Tong Shenshen? Daiyu remembered that she and the eldest girl had just been left alone, and that no matter who had fallen into the water, it was not a good omen, especially one day before Tong Taifu’s birthday. Everyone hurriedly got off the boat. Cui was holding Jue in her arms. Sister You’s Mammy was supposed to take her from Daiyu, but Sister You turned her head and ignored Mammy, holding Daiyu’s skirt in her little hand. Cui son face is not good, “Miss Lin, we now..” Cui son also do not know what to say is good,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, go to Xiushui Pavilion, afraid to frighten the three little masters, but do not go, afraid to let the Lin family see a joke. Cui son no matter how to say is just a decent point of the servant girl, so can be difficult for her, Cui son now only hate the fisherman where the shore is not good, but chose here. Cui’er didn’t care who fell into the water. The big girl had never been spoiled, and the deep girl was also the one who came to fight the autumn wind. Either Cui’er was cruel, or the two girls together were not as precious as their little master. If they frightened Brother Jing and Brother Jue, Second Daughter-in-law would not skin herself? Lin Daiyu couldn’t answer. What could she say? She was just a guest. Brother Jing said to the others, “Go and have a look.” Cui Er had to follow the crowd to Xiushui Pavilion. Before arriving at Xiushui Pavilion, I saw that the shore was already a mess. Three or four women surrounded the man who fell into the water in the middle. A servant girl in a small green shirt knelt on the ground, crying. Tong Shenshen, standing not far from the crowd, looked at the farce in front of him at a loss. Daiyu and others were stupefied. Could it really be the big girl of the Tong family who fell into the water? PS: When you go out, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, why do you always have problems? Daiyu should make a good summary ~ ~ ~ the second night to send around six o’clock o (∩ _ ∩) o ha ~ The ninety-sixth chapter of the main text is a summer tour of the lake, and I was shocked to hear that I fell into the water (part two). Chapter 96 swimming in the lake in summer and falling into the water (part two) (Tomorrow is Monday. If Jing He can code two chapters tonight, he will have a double update to eat and drink with Mom and Dad in the evening. Try to come back as early as possible. It’s another week of streaking. Please support Jing He.) As soon as Tong Shenshen saw Daiyu and the others, as if he had got the backbone, he hurried to the front of the crowd. What he said was not so sharp. Daiyu guessed that she was frightened. Sister Lin, I really didn’t push her. She fell down by herself. You have to believe me, brother Jue, you have to tell your aunt that it’s really not me. “Tong Shenshen is like a doll who has lost his soul. His bun is loose, his hairpin is off, his skirt is wet, and the gauze clothes with white magnolia flowers are almost pulled.”.
“Don’t worry, Miss Shen,” said Daiyu soothingly. "Let’s see what happened to the man who fell into the water? Who the hell is this guy? Have you reported it, madam? Jing scolded the crowd, and Cui quickly covered Jue’s eyes and forbade her to look. “Mammy also stood in front of Sister You.” Eh? Brother Jing asked, “Isn’t it my aunt who fell into the water?” When the little girl, who had just been crying her heart out, heard the words of Brother Jing, she came up and kowtowed, “Ask the eldest young master to save our aunt. Aunt, she’s already two months pregnant. If you don’t come to the doctor to save her, I’m afraid it’ll be too late.” Although the ground was not a bluestone slab, she could not resist the exertion of the little girl, and soon her forehead was red and swollen. Sister You was so frightened that she hid behind Daiyu, but she couldn’t help being curious and poked her little head out to look over there. After the crowd dispersed, Daiyu saw the woman half lying on the ground. Fortunately, the aunt was not unconscious. Although she was wet all over after being rescued, she could not hide her beauty. Especially a pair of red phoenix eyes, charming color impregnation, turning eyes more infinite amorous feelings, eyebrows extremely thick, like ink, dark clouds fold sideburns, apricot face peach cheeks, delicate willow waist. Daiyu thought of what the book said about Su Daji, and she was afraid it was just so so. The aunt half leaned in the woman’s arms, her hands tightly covering her stomach, and as soon as she looked up, her eyes flashed a touch of fierce light, but it was soon concealed. Daiyu saw it clearly and grabbed Jing’s little hand at once. “Jing, she..” “Don’t worry, Aunt Lin,” said Brother Jing in a low voice. “That man is just my grandfather’s sixth aunt. He can’t hurt me.” Instead, Brother Jing took a few steps forward and stood in front of the woman who fell into the water. “Did you go to call someone?” A woman hurried back and forth and said, “Report back to the eldest young master. I’ve sent someone to invite Second Daughter-in-law. The sixth aunt is..” The woman looked carefully at Sister Shen. She wanted to say something, but she didn’t dare to open her mouth. She hesitated. The crying little girl did not care about these, but shouted loudly, "It is the deep girl who pushed our aunt,30ml dropper bottle, our aunt is very pregnant, can continue the blood for adults, you..“. You are not kind. 。” 。 ”">