Rebirth of Qing Chuan--Almost Cute

Xiang Xianlin also did not delay, exhorted, “this town shop treasure, if we can not take out enough treasure, but can not take away Yo!” The crowd became more and more anxious and waved to Xianlin. Embroidery Niang came out, carrying a bag between her wrists. The bag was atmospheric and gorgeous. More importantly, the bag was painted with precious stones, which was really dazzling! All the people present stopped, such a treasure, they have no equivalent treasure to exchange. However, this can not stop the people’s warm eyes, even if it is to see it, it is also very good. The Countess and Princess were also stunned, and this bag met all their needs. They looked through the boxes they had brought, but they didn’t think they had the treasure they deserved. Xiang Xianlin asked the crowd if anyone was willing to exchange. Several people tentatively took out some treasures, but they were all rejected by Xiang Xianlin. In fact, Xiang Xianlin has been ordered by Shu Ning, the last one, no matter what treasure, does not change! Chapter 787 stay for three more days. The Countess and the Princess are going crazy. They want something so beautiful! The entourage who brought them took out one strange object after another, but they were all congealed by the book. Not only these two people, but all the people present were wilting. The wife of the prefect of Guangzhou couldn’t help it. She stood up and asked, “Crown Princess, I don’t know what you want to exchange.” The book congeals a smile, red lips lightly open, “to tell the truth, this trip, is me and the prince’s royal Highness secretly out.” The crowd grew up in surprise and looked stunned. But in fact, this matter, as we all know, is also because of this reason, Shu Ning said this, there is no burden at all. After a pause, Shu Ning went on to say, "So, in order to please Huang Ama and not let him get too angry, the prince and I can only pack up some strange things along the way and send them back to the capital,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, hoping to make Huang Ama laugh." The countess and the princess brought a translator, translating word by word. Seeing this, the book smiled and said, “So, this is the last one. I hope you can take out your own good things.” After saying this, everyone was silent, and they really took out their own things at the bottom of the box. Shu Ning was not in a hurry, so she drank green tea quietly and waited for everyone. This Dutch princess, not much mind, only blindly looking at the beautiful bag on the stage, a face of infatuation. Countess, however, is different, this person can become husband and wife with the English count, naturally some scheming. After listening to what Shu Ning said, his mind opened up. In fact, they came here this time in order to join hands with the Netherlands and open the door of the Qing Dynasty through the black pimple. At the very beginning, they also thought about giving the black pimple directly to the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Thyroid Powder Factory, but when they came to the Qing Dynasty and learned about the rules here, they gave up the idea. Around the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, there were people who tested the poison. Even if they offered the black pimple, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty would not use it. Perhaps, will also let the people who test poison, to use black pimple, if the emperor of the Qing Dynasty found the drawbacks, then they not only can not promote black pimple in the Qing Dynasty, but also lost their lives here. But now that there is a ready-made opportunity, should they seize it? The countess thought a lot for a moment, the book Ning quietly looked at her, found that the countess’s hand, open and open, finally did not speak to take out the black pimple. Shu Ning is not in a hurry, see this situation, only a pity to announce, “since we do not have a rare treasure, it can only be invalid.”. This last bag can only. Before Shu Ning had finished speaking, the countess stood up and muttered a lot. Shu Ning understood and smiled. “Well, since the countess asked, I’ll answer.”. Keep this bag for another three days. During this period, as long as you have the corresponding treasure, you can exchange it. After a pause, Shu Ning added, “Of course, what you bring must be suitable for men.” The translator translated what Shu Ning had said to the countess. Seeing that she had achieved her goal, the countess smiled and said happily, “Thank you very much.”.
” Shu Ning nodded and smiled gracefully, “That’s all for today. Thank you for your baby. I like it very much.” Chapter 788 once you make a mistake, you will lose the whole game. On this side, the book was sure to win, while on the other side, the countess took the Dutch princess and went to find the English count and the Dutch prince together. After listening to his wife’s story, both Bass and Auston were silent. Admittedly, what they had in front of them was an opportunity full of adventure. If you can really borrow the hand of the Crown Princess, the black pimple to the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, then their task, almost completed! The more the countess thought about it, the more she thought it was feasible. “Besides, it was brought by the Crown Princess, and the emperor of the Qing Dynasty should not be so defensive.”. In case it’s really used, then. The more she thought about it, the more excited she became. The Countess’s eyes widened. “The Lord of a country takes the lead in sucking black pimples. Why worry that we can’t open the door of the Qing Dynasty?” The Countess spoke to the hearts of the people, and Bass and Auston could not help breathing a little faster. With all his strength, Auston calmed down and sweat broke out on his forehead. “Wait, wait!” The Dutch prince is also very conative, but also know, this matter, have to think carefully, think carefully again! There is a saying in China that once you make a mistake, you will lose the whole game! “All right, let’s stop here and wait for us to check it out!” Buzz swallowed and made a difficult decision. Hum The countess was a little disdainful, but she only dared to give up with a cold snort. So the two sides decided, and Bass took his princess back to his residence. It’s just, whether it’s Buzz or Auston, it’s going to be hard to sleep tonight. My mind kept repeating what the countess had said, such a good opportunity! Such a good opportunity! The more I think about it, the more I want to catch it! Auston looked at the endless night, secretly decided,Kava Root Extract, tomorrow to have a good test! And on this side, in the east wing, Shu Ning walked very leisurely to the study.