Playing the Universe in Online Games

The unknown is the most dangerous, although the current fierce wolf city is strong, but still can not touch the bottom line of the green dragon city, occasionally in the green dragon city spies can feel the existence of a strong, but always fleeting, but after all, these all indicate the strength of the blue dragon city, in the past, the blue dragon city has never intervened in the struggle between players and NPC, this time, it seems that there are some exceptions. After seeing off the visitors from Qinglong City, the Black Knife brothers and the Deputy Lord of the city all gathered around, but looking at the expression of the Black Knife, it didn’t seem to be a bad thing. Don’t worry! Don’t worry! Qinglong City will not intervene in our struggle with the Earth Alliance. Looking at the crowd’s inquiring eyes, the black knife just answered such a sentence. That’s good! Clean up those boys and let them know that our Wolf City is not easy to mess with. Several brothers roared, and since they knew it was all right, they were too lazy to ask about the purpose of the people from Qinglong City. With a metal content no less than that of ore, it really deserves to be called Venus! Such news filled the whole game in an instant. All of a sudden, the price of everything made of iron fell sharply, and the forces that hoarded metal were even worse. Only the people of the Dragon Alliance breathed a sigh of relief. After all, the Wolf City had a simple communication with them, and this time there was no loss. The big news is that a spaceship has arrived at Jupiter, which is actually a planet full of plants. No life has been found so far! “The big news is that a spaceship has come to Mercury, where the mist covers the whole planet and the spaceship can’t go deep at all.” The big news is that a spaceship has arrived at Saturn, where the earth has leapt. The air is fresh,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, but there are no people, no plants, no animals! It seems that in a flash, four of the five planets around the earth have been landed by spaceships, and the players are cheering endlessly. Of course, the price paid for this is not small. At least more than half of the spaceships have been attacked by a large number of Demons, and turned into cosmic dust. The Dragon League has also lost some. A large number of these Demons are the remnants of Xuanwu City after squashing the Venus base. It is said that the number of remnants is really quite a lot. Overwhelming wandering around, but also elusive. Although it was not blocked outside the atmosphere at the beginning, it still made the ordinary spacecraft almost die when they met. A narrow escape from death. The ten-meter-high flame stone giant flew out of the rosefinch city,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, followed by the strongest force of the Earth Alliance, several strong people, they flew straight to the Xuanwu city in the air, it seems that Vulcan finally could not help, in the case of intentional people, a short time. Almost all the players in the game knew the news and rushed to Zhuque City at a high speed. However, most of these players rely on their mounts to fly, and their own strength is not high. Black knife received the news is absolutely not too late, but after he slowly leisurely out, has found something wrong, good guy, the ultimate guardian of Xuanwu City outside the overwhelming number of players, and its chaos, it seems to be watching the fun, and the 10-meter-high flame rock giant Vulcan is sending out a great level of powerful momentum, shaking the children of the fierce Wolf City side and the audience. As for that! Black knife grinned, the great heaven level Vulcan has been able to restore the original human form, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Glucono Delta Lactone, but if you want to fully play the strength of the great heaven level, you must also maintain the image of this person is not a person, ghost is not a ghost, but from the beginning, it seems that this Vulcan is really serious. More than fifty NPCs, black knife brothers, and a large number of children of the fierce wolf city all gathered at a high speed, and those children shouted crazily: “the Lord of the city will win, the eldest brother will win!” There is no consideration that this black knife is only a sub-heavenly level, with the artifact basalt suit is at most a small heavenly level, it seems that they are really blind worship of the black knife. The black knife smiled and flew into the sky, straight out, followed by the black knife brothers, the strong men, and a large number of children.
Soon, this large group of menacing rushed out of the Xuanwu city to the ultimate guardian, came to the front of Vulcan and others, relative to the line-ups, the fierce wolf city that is to occupy the absolute upper hand, if at this time, no matter what his big day level, the elite of the Earth Alliance I’m afraid to stay here, of course, that is not realistic, black knife today’s status, It’s just a thought. It’s impossible to do it. This is the idea of a large number of players and audiences. It’s almost normal and correct. Seeing the black knife, Vulcan gave a strange laugh directly. The laughter shook the sky. It took him a long time to say: “Black knife, black knife, thirty years in the east of the river and thirty years in the west of the river. You also have today. I don’t care how powerful you are. I will be satisfied if I defeat you today. Ha ha. When I think of beating you down, I can’t help laughing. Ha ha!” At this time, a black line appeared on the forehead of the Earth Alliance spies who were responsible for tracking Vulcan. He finally understood the reason why Vulcan always laughed abnormally these days and came so suddenly. Black knife is very calm, light way: “Vulcan, are you so confident?” “Of course, you can’t guess the strength of the Great Heaven. You will be defeated today. Do you know how much I have paid to become the Great Heaven? Haha, I will win. Unless you have so many masters, not to mention me, I’m afraid these people behind me will stay. However, I believe that you will not and dare not do so!” Vulcan proudly so, his eyes floating around, looking at the player corner everywhere, how can Vulcan not show more performance ah. Ha-ha, is there anything I dare not do with my black knife? The black knife laughed wildly and looked at the huge Vulcan, full of unworthiness. Damn, you coward, dare not fight with me, have the guts to leave us all, the players of the whole world will spit on you. Vulcan roared without thinking, naturally deliberately angry with the black knife. Milk Lao Tzu is not a good man, nor is he a gentleman. What if you are under him? How dare you provoke him? Brothers, block them all, one is not allowed to let go, want to fight with Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu just won’t let you do so, beat you up. Black knife hair Biao,Theobromine Powder, loudly roared, those days level NPC slightly stupefied, riding the bone dragon black knife brothers and fierce wolf children have been carried out to the letter.