I smell delicious.

But as if bewitched, she stretched out her finger and touched the tender sapling in the flowerpot. At the moment of touching the sapling, Lu was warm all over, and the buds on her head could not help but come out, so frightened that she quickly covered her head with her hands. “After taking several deep breaths, he held the bud back again, and his face turned red.” You’ve been malnourished lately. Bring it home. It’ll help you. Handing the small flowerpot to Lu Pangyang, Xu Wenjin had a touch of red on his white cheeks. However, Lu did not answer. She thought about it and said, “The flower in my body seems to be very dependent on you, but I don’t like it, so I want to keep a distance from you. Although my spirit is worse recently, I believe I can control it.” She smiled. “I’ve been using my botanical powers very well recently. I can take care of other plants and make other flowers grow better.” “Thank you, though,” she said. Under the street lamp, the shadows of the trees are whirling. Xu Wenjin’s face flickered in the light and shadow, and the starlight in his eyes seemed to dim a little. He had something to say, but Lu had no intention of continuing to chat. She waved her hand to him,oil dropper bottle, “I’ll go back first. Goodbye.” Before he could answer, she had rubbed her hands and turned away. The wind is very cool, Xu Wenjin originally did not feel cold, but at this time to see her go away, there is a faint loss, like cold water into the heart. The whole person was full of frustration,glass cream jars, and the leaves of the sapling in his hand were yellow. Xu Wenjin did not go directly back to the place where he lived. He sat in the woods for a long time. Later, I couldn’t hold back and sent a message to Lu Pangyang on QQ. Xu Wenjin: “Su Yan and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend.” So you don’t have to avoid me. He wanted to explain his behavior during this period. He was just afraid of the tree in his body, so he deliberately alienated Lu Yang, who would make him more abnormal. The tree in his body seemed to have a very special obsession with the flowers on Lu’s body, which made him feel frightened and uneasy, so that when he saw Lu, his whole mood was not right. Only by staying away from her did he seem to be able to restrain himself and stay awake. But now, he seems to have lost control of himself. Since God let them have the same secret, why not try to be together and solve the secret together? Since he felt comfortable and happy with her, let nature take its course. He didn’t want to force himself to stay away from her any more. Xu Wenjin sat on the bench and looked at the screen of his mobile phone. A long time ago, Lu Pangyang’s head was always dancing on his screen. Sometimes he saw it and pretended not to see it. Now, however, he waited for a long time, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, and the other side did not answer. Xu Wenjin hung his head, his mood was not high, and the sapling in his hand was even more so, and the trunk was bent. It took a long time for the cold wind to blow before he saw Lu’s head light up. Oh I have someone I like. ^_^” Across the screen, everyone seemed to be able to see her smiling. Xu Wenjin: “..” What he said seemed to have nothing to do with what she replied, but he understood what Lu had meant. I have someone I like. Is your relationship with Su Yan a boyfriend? It has nothing to do with me. He put his cell phone in his pocket and sat in the cold wind all night. The next day was the weekend. Lu Pangyang had planned to stay at home for a day to read books, but he didn’t know that there was an activity in the literary club. He had a meeting in the evening and had a dinner after the meeting. A semester is coming to an end, and now the community activities are related to the summary, and everyone has to participate, and Lu Pangyang is no exception. At the meeting at half past seven in the evening, she sat in the classroom fishing and secretly sent messages to BBK. Lu Pangyang said, “I will have a barbecue after the meeting.” Bu Bu Gao Sheng: “Your stomach is not good, what barbecue to eat?” When did I say I had a bad stomach. Lu Pangyang was confused. Did she tell Bu Bu? Her stomach is actually good, the last day can eat a cow, but since the small bud, too spicy stimulation or dare not touch, will be very uncomfortable, but also recover quickly, basking in the sun. Let’s have dinner together, and I’m embarrassed not to go. “Then go home early.” “I know.”. It’s on the street behind the north gate of the school, and it’s not far from the neighborhood where I live.
“Lu Pangyang replied.”. The meeting broke up at nine o’clock. We went out to the school barbecue street to eat barbecue. The business of that street was good. In summer, it was still very lively at two or three o’clock in the evening. The one they went to was a little out of the way, but it was said that the taste was very good, and it was better than others. Our literary club has not come out to celebrate the new recruitment, although it is a little late, but still have to say. The Minister of the Outreach Department poured a glass of beer from a plastic cup, “Welcome to join the literary club, and you will be a family in the future.” Everyone drank, Lu did not refuse, followed by two glasses of beer, but then they continued to persuade her how not to touch. No matter what others said, she just sat there with a shallow smile on her lips. Those boys who held a glass of wine and did not give face if you did not drink it finally worshipped under Lu’s charming smile. Later, no one continued to pour wine for her, and there was more care in words. Little school girl can’t drink. Look, her face is red now. Let’s ignore her and let her eat more meat. From the beginning to the end, Su Yan did not speak much. She looked at Lu Pangyang with mixed feelings. Barbecue to eat at 10:30 in the evening, the north gate of the school is about to close, everyone is going to leave, Lu Pangyang lives in the off-campus community, different from them. When checking out,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, Lu Pangyang was still sending messages to BBK. Bu Bu has been urging her to go home early. Now the weather is cool, what is the meaning of eating barbecue outside the roadside stall in the cold wind at night? She replies: “Finished finally, go back now.” “Uh-huh.”. Be safe. “It’s close to where I live. It takes more than ten minutes to walk back. Don’t worry.” 。